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Lajatico Panorama


A short introduction about the town...

Local facilities include horse riding, walking, and tennis.

Lajatico Well


The shops in the village of Lajatico can supply everything one would need for a two-week holiday - three small alimentari (general stores and grocers), a butcher, a greengrocer, a baker (very good bread!), 2 cafes - one of which serves pizza and other snacks, a newsagent, a bank, a hairdresser, plus several other establishments.

There is also a chemist and a doctor, the nearest hospital being at Pontedera (30 minutes drive). The nearest supermarkets are either at La Rosa (20 mins) or Volterra.

Lajatico at Night


Besides the Ripanucci's own restaurant, Sant'Eugenia, there are a number of other local restaurants providing a good range of cuisine at reasonable prices.

Just outside the village is a new restaurant, La Vallata, and in the next village (San Giovanni Val d'Era, 15 mins) can be found Il Villaggio, a trattoria (pizza restaurant). At La Sterza (4 km away) there are two restaurants, and in Orciatico (20 mins away) La Mangiatoia has fixed daily menus with 2 choices and is also recommended.

It should be noted, however, that the majority of restaurants are closed on Mondays out of season and several also do so during the holiday period, so it is worth checking beforehand.

Il Teatro di Silenzio


Andrea Bocelli was born in Lajatico and his family still farm nearby. This year the Commune of Lajatico built an outdoor theatre, Il Teatro del Silenzio, just outside the village and for one night only Andrea Bocelli sang to the stars. The performance ended with a fantastic fireworks display.

It is intended that for one night in July each year he will sing here - the rets of the year the theatre will be silent.

More photos of the theatre

San Leo, Lajatico


The name of the village has two spellings - it appears that in recent years the town decided to replace the I with a J. Be aware that the old version, Laiatico, is still in use on some signs - even on some that lead into the town!